Thursday, February 3, 2011

a few lunch ideas...

..... #1
half a whole wheat pita
spread pb inside
use fresh cut fruit instead of jam or jelly

cut a few slices of whole wheat bread with cookie cutter shape of choice
spread with pb or cream cheese
top with fave fruit

open a whole wheat english muffin
spread with favorite tomato sauce
top with cheese of choice (we use almost anything we have in the fridge)

As a variation of #3, you can use cream cheese instead if tomato sauce and top with spinach and feta, tomatoes, olives, peppers, you name it!
Obviously, the above options are more kid-friendly, but all can be dressed up to be more grown-up.  And, I just came across a splendid idea for making chocolate yogurt.  HERE is my recipe for homemade yogurt that is stupid-easy to make.  As you may remember, I make every batch vanilla and prefer to flavor individual servings via my mini-chop.  Well, to make chocolate yogurt, you add a pinch of cocoa.  No need to add sugar if you sweetened your batch of yogurt with honey, like I do.  You can top this delectable treat with strawberries, raspberries, or bananas... whatever you're inclined to do.  I haven't tried this yet, since I just found this recipe today, well, actually about 5 minutes ago which is what got me so excited about healthy lunches I keep forgetting the share.  So, I'm anxious to see if I can pass this off to my kids as a real treat instead of the usually vanilla wafer or fruit snacks they get after meals.  We'll see......


Nate and Molly said...

The thought of making yogurt has always intimidated me but maybe it's time to try it! I like the consistency of Dannon Light and Fit or Yoplait light so I'd probably like it. I don't like thick yogurts. . the consistency kind of freaks me out for some reason. Any other tips I need to know to follow that recipe?

Sarah said...

the only tip i can think of is that it makes a ton, so i end up freezing some so that it lasts longer. i've heard that if you try to cut the recipe in half it kind of ruins the outcome for some reason. it freezes well, so don't be afraid. and, it is really thin, which is why i usually double the amount of gelatin i use since i'm making it mostly for the kids who like their yogurt thick. thin yougurt freaks them out :).