Saturday, February 26, 2011

because it's Saturday morning and the kids are watching T.V....

I actually have a second to give the bloggy world a pregnancy update.  Ooops, spoke too soon.  I sat down which means I have a lap that the toddler wants to occupy.  Here we go.  Ok, now on to the pregnancy update. 

Currently we are sitting at 39 weeks and 1 day.  There is a small debate about my due date between Dr. and me.  I say tomorrow (2/28) and he says next Friday (3/4).  I won't get into all the reasons why I "know" my due date is different, but I was there and sweet Dr. Mac was not.  But I digress, because at this point it doesn't really matter.  I haven't "done anything" which means I have not dilated a bit, not effaced, and baby is sitting so high that my OB won't even consider inducing me in my current state.  We do have a tentative induction date set for this coming Thursday, March 3rd, but we're not really planning on meeting Baby Skotch that day.  Something tells me this may be my "latest" baby yet. 

I got to have an ultrasound yesterday and I am more anxious than ever to have that baby in my arms.  Baby is measuring in at 8 pounds and 9 ounces, which we all know can be wrong, but has me nervous none-the-less.  The U/S tech did say that all baby's weight is in his/her belly and that the head is measuring small, so it may not be so bad.  We'll see.  Remember, I've had an 8pound, 8 ounce and then a 9 pound baby.  So, they seem to be getting bigger.  Ethan had a big ole head, which may have been why his delivery was more difficult than Emory's was.  Her head was almost 3 inches smaller than his.

Meanwhile, there are 4 folks around here anxious to meet this kid!  Not the least of which is me.  Sciatica, prego exhaustion, and mood swings are a bit much to me when there is a 27 pound toddler in the mix.  Every bit of normal household activity kind of feels like a marathon to me and I am ready to not to be pregnant any more, to say the least.  However, with this beautiful weather we've been having, it's been my goal to pass the time left outside with the babes.

Currently, the littlest is chasing the cat down the hallway with a sword (don't feel sorry for the cat, she started it) and my big girl is completely plugged in to our electronic babysitter.  Hubby is off at work and I am wandering around trying to accomplish a few chores and maybe dry my hair at some point.  Happy Saturday!

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