Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What I'm loving....

 - homemade honey bran muffins slathered with a friend's homemade pumkin butter.  so good!
- spending an uninterrupted hour with my oldest while the littles nap
-  my new gym routine.  losing weight easily (the first time since giving birth in 2006) and feeling o-so-good
- hearing the thoughts of my middle child.  he's putting words together well and communicating better than I thought he would, given that he's a boy and a younger sibling.
- the afternoon sunlight.  it goes perfectly with my Bible and a cup of tea.
- my youngest child.  I never knew such delightful babies existed.

What I'm struggling with...

- figuring out how to balance all my hats: mommy, cook, maid, laundromat, teacher, wife, personal shopper, friend, daughter, sister...  something always gets left unattended and I'm sad to report I think it is usually a relationship.
- the new rebellion I see in my two-year-old.  Staying consistent is hard!
- the repeated bouts of copious amounts of snot with my youngest.
- the afternoon nap of the eldest has been completely and utterly laid to rest.  Sob.

So that's life as we know it... for the moment.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

No nap... that's worth a moment of silence.


And yes, delightful youngest babies are so amazing!!