Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Checking out her goods in her stocking. She got lots of candy as well as some smaller gifts. Like good parents, we were going to let her make herself sick on candy because it was Christmas, but she only wanted the chocolate santa that is in her right hand and she didn't even finish it! And, she never asked for candy again the whole day. She completely surprised me!

Santa made sure that our princess had a tiara!

Checking out the well-stocked fridge.

Here are the pictures from Christmas day. There are not many because once we were opening gifts as a family we were spending all of our time keeping Emory from madly ripping open any package she could get her hands on. She was totally into the unwrapping part this year and did not pay much mind to what was in the present. That came later when there was nothing left to open.

As I mentioned before, Santa brought her a play kitchen with dishes, cartons of food, and plastic fruit that you can "cut". She was a little overwhelmed, as you can see from her expression in the photos, because there were 5 adults watching her reaction. I think she may have gotten stage fright for the first time.

When she woke up that morning, her daddy got her up and changed her diaper while I got her special Christmas juice (orange juice). When I went into her room I told her, "You are never going to believe what Santa brought you!" And she was really excited. And that was the best part, the anticipation. Despite her initial subdued reaction (maybe she was mad the Santa didn't wrap his gift for her?), she had played with her kitchen more than anything else that was bestowed on her at Christmas.

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