Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentine's Day

Yes, I am already thinking about it. In fact, I have been thinking about it since Christmas, because it is the next excuse we get to spoil our kid and celebrate like crazy. We don't see Valentine's Day as a romantic holiday around here. It's a celebration of everyone we love. Which means, sometimes (if I'm on top of things) our friends even get a valentine from us. This year, Emory might actually make her friends' valentines. She's at least going to make some for the grandparents and her teachers.

Every year since we've been "involved", Eric and I have chosen to stay in on Valentine's night. We don't usually give each other a gift (we did the first yaer when we were engaged, but hey! you're gross and in love at that point). There is usually a funny card involved because we like to see if we can make the other laugh. This year I have a couple of really good ones picked out. And, I have a few sweet treats I might hide around the house. We always order in from a local dive, alternating the years we choose. I chose last year so he gets to choose this year (it's gonna be wings from a new place he's tried close to work). And, we'll make sure Netflix sends us something fun to watch. That's about the extent of our celebrating.

Until now...

Emory is old enough to understand gifts now and really got into the spirit of Christmas - gettin' stuff! So, we've been telling her that all the special things she sees in Walmart might end up in her Valentine's basket that Cupid is bringing her this year. And, she's terribly interested in all the cool things they've got out right now, so I'm really excited.

Since the last thing the kids needs is more candy (we still have Halloween candy not to mention stocking candy), she's getting a lot of small trinkets. I completed Cupid's shopping today and Emroy will be getting: a blinking hearts necklace, a plush Woodstock, a Valetine cup with a built-in silly straw, a plush frog carrying a heart that she's had her eye on every time we've gone to Wal-mart, Snoopy Valentine stickers, a Snoopy card that plays the Peanuts theme song, a card with chocolate alligator lips, Dr. Suess's Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, pink strawberry flavored jelly beans, and (of course!) conversation hearts. I hope she'll enjoy. I'm so excited!! I've had to hide her basket from even myself. And, she's getting so much "crappola" that we've been dining on leftovers and anything else I could scrounge up from the freezer. Cupid's budget had to come from somewhere!

So, what do you do for Valetine's Day at your house?

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