Friday, August 1, 2008


... is M.I.A. "Dark" is a dark blue Nuk brand pacifier that Emory loves more than any of her other pacis. Typically, she likes to have 2 pacis at a time; one for her mouth and the other she rubs right under her nose (like most kids do a satin blanket). That's my little wierdo. This week Emory was afflicted by yet another fever virus, the third in 4 weeks. This one lasted for 4 days, with her fever finally breaking today. Because it was our third high fever in a month's time, I took her to the doctor just to make sure there wasn't something bacterial going on. There wasn't, by the way, and I spent $30 just to hear it is just a virus. All she needs is rest and fluids.

Because she wasn't feeling well, we took "dark" with us. Bad move. Guess what we left behind? Because of the nature of the testing they did on her, we were the last ones to leave. They literally locked up behind us. I realized my mistake as soon as I buckled her into her carseat and she asked for him (yes, he was a boy). I ran to the door and knocked, but they pretended not to hear me. Oh well, decided I would just call in the morning and see if the cleaning service had saved it.

I have never felt more foolish (the things we will do for our children!) as when I called and explained my "need" for the dark blue pacifier. Alas, the cleaning service had disposed of it; it was no where to be found. The sweet receptionist who answered seemed to understand my plight and I was comforted by the knowledge that she is probably used to wierd requests.

Emory has cheerfully accepted her need to adopt a new favorite. Right now she seems to be leaning towards "white". And she is very specific about which one of her 2 white pacis it has to be. One of them has a light green ring and the other has a red ring. It has to be the green one.

I, however, am mouring the loss of "dark". I was planning to put it in her keepsake box. I've thought it terribly cute and o so adorable that she names her pacis. Guess I'll get over it and just satisfy myself with keeping "white" and recording "dark's" tragic end in her baby book journal.

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Philip and Renie said...

I know how you feel, Sarah! We left "blue" and "brown dog" at the hotel in Natchez at the start of April. Philip never asked for them but I had planned to incorporate blue and brown dog into Philip's first year memory quilt. I was so sad to lose such precious keepsakes!

Glad to hear Emory is feeling better. Philip is desperate for his friend and asks for her daily!