Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well, a phenomenon known to most parents has finally occurred in the Skocelai household. Emory outgrew her shoes literally during naptime. She wore her sneakers all morning long without complaint, yet when I put them on her after nap to run an errand she started crying and trying to pull it off telling me that her foot hurt. Since we were headed to the mall anyway, I stopped by the Stride-Rite store just to get her foot measured. Sure enough... they were a good size and a half larger than the shoe she was wearing. We didn't have to get any more shoes since I picked up a nearly new pair a very long time ago at a garage sale that I've been aching to put on her.

Well, while we were there I noticed a sale rack. Since we all know that you must at least pay homage to a sale rack by seeing what is old news enough to be on sale, I had a little look. Am I ever glad I did! These were 70% off, making them a price I was willing to pay for such an "extravagant" item (I mean, come on, how often will she actually where these for the purpose they were intended for?):

Aren't they cute!? I have been drooling over these boots since Easter when we bought Emory's sandals. At the time they were more expensive than the sandals we were getting, so there was no justifying getting something just for the sake of being cute. BUT, thanks to the mass production of new trends, these will be in Emory's Easter basket next year. I want her old enough to really understand what she's getting, plus the smallest size they had left was 2 sizes larger than what she wears now. Maybe, maybe she'll be in them by then. If not, there's always dress up!


Brice Young said...

Porter and Riley live in their rubber boots. We go through about 2 pairs each a year.

Philip and Renie said...

So cute! I wanted to get Philip some of the green froggy ones. But he didn't want to wear them :(