Sunday, August 10, 2008

id, ego, and superego...

I have always had an affection for psychology. Probably stems from all the therapy I've been the sometimes unwilling recipient of. I did a lot of study on Frued early on in college and quickly decided that a life of psychiatry was not for me.
That dude was sick! However, he did hit the nail on the head when he "discovered" that we all begin this life only concerned with numero uno... our own self. It isn't until after one or so that we start to notice that others have needs, desires, wants too and that these sometimes don't coincide with ours. Closer to 2, we begin to discover how our needs, wants, and desires affect those others we've discovered around us.

All of this to say that we've begun seeing buds of affection for us from our little tyke. Occasionally, she will break off a piece of something she is eating and offer it to me saying, "For you, mommy." I know... awwww. Every now and then our firecracker shows a bit of tenderness. She's recently begun holding a special place in her heart for her daddy (FINALLY!). Whenever he is not around (which can be often during the summer) she will remember to include him in whatever we are doing. If we are singing a song where you interject names, she always wants to sing about her daddy too. When we play with her toy cars she will bring me one, get one for herself, and puts one next to us "for daddy". She never fails to remember him.

Tonight on the way home from church, it was just her and I since daddy was "duty deacon" for the night and had to stay behind to clean up and lock the building. We were listening to her Musikgarten CD and the "la la" song came on. It goes like this:

La la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la
Sing alleluia
Sing with me
God loves you
And God loves me

At the end I heard a sweet voice from the back sing, "And daddy too." Now the trick is to cultivate this kindness of spirit that God has given her...


Scott and Margaret Fancher said...

Hey Sarah! I am glad that you found our blog. How are you and your family doing. Your daughter is so precious. I think she looks a lot like you. Hope you guys are all doing well. It was great to hear from you.

~Amanda~ said...

Awww, that is so precious!!