Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tent kisses....

Every time Emory goes to sleep, she gets to go to what we call "Camp Emory". A couple of weeks ago she started climbing out of her crib, even with the bumper pads removed. So, since I am not ready to move her into a big girl bed yet, we invested in a crib tent. In an effort to make it fun and not scary, we made a big deal out of the fact the Emory gets to sleep in a tent. That combined with the renewed enforcement of the "no pacis unless we are in our crib" rule has made her super eager to "go bed" when the time comes.

Right before I walk out of the room I will ask her for "just one more kiss" and for some reason, we give each other this last kiss "through" the mesh of the tent. I probably was reluctant to unzip the tent and possibly lead her on that she was getting a bedtime reprive the first time we did this. However, she now asks for it and it has become such a source of delight for her. She will giggle until she falls down and then pop back up and say, "Gen!" which, of course, means "Do it again, Mommy, that was really fun!" I laugh until my sides hurt and it is such a fun and encouraging way to end our day. Especially since the teeth brushing which comes right before bedtime is usually shrouded in the tension caused by a weary mother and a tired toddler.

I'm so glad that something so little makes her laugh so hard. And, don't you find it hard not to get in on the action when your kids are having a ball?

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