Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving?

So, I appreciated Nancy Wilson's last minute post about being thankful despite the snags one might encounter on Thanksgiving. Every year we've been married we have hosted Thanksgiving at our house. Except for the year that Emory was born, I have cooked the whole kit 'n caboodle myself. Not so this year. When I discovered that we would be hosting my family for Christmas, I made an executive decision. Steffler Christmases are grand and chock full of traditions, so I was not up to hosting 2 major holidays this year. In the past I might have attempted it, but I'm getting smarter in my old age!

All of that to say, we headed south the Biloxi to enjoy Thanksgiving with Eric's mom and his brother and family. Emory got to spend lots of time soaking up the adoring attention of her cousins(who are older teenagers), Eric enjoyed throwing the football with his brother, and I enjoyed commiserating with Tanya, the other daughter-in-law. We were informed this visit that although we were "good" we would never be good enough for Skocelas boys. So glad that the Skocelas boys don't agree. But I digress...

We high tailed it out of town right on the heels of a nasty virus that caught hold of Emory. She had croup the first part of last week. Just when we thought we had it licked, we ended up in after hours with a double ear infection, pink eye, and mild (very mild) pneumonia. Nothing was terribly serious, but it did add up to one sick toddler. She was completely well, despite a lingering cough, and was ready for company after 9 days of being holed up in the house with only her momma for company. I, however, had begun coming down with a cold. I knew I wasn't going to escape this time. It's hard to keep yourself germ free when your two-year-old desperately wants to cuddle for comfort and is leaking from her eyes, nose, and mouth.

Despite a nasty cold, we enjoyed our time with family and are looking forward to our next visit in 2 weeks to celebrate Christmas Skocelas style. And then it is home for the holidays! I'd forgotten how much I hate holiday travel. And what am I most thankful for? My family! I have a husband who cheerfully goes to work every day so that I can be home with Emory, who lets me know how much he appreciates me and the work I put in around here, and who still thinks I'm hot even after childbirth. And we have Emory, who is a joy, and a truly great kid! She is so much fun that so far our verdict is that two's are terrific, not terrible!

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