Wednesday, November 25, 2009

just call me Betty....

but not really because my culinry pursuits are nothing compared to Betty Crocker's. However, I have had the best day in the kitchen playing around. I pulled rank today and joined the throngs of mothers from the centuries that have tossed the big kids outside in the backyard to play and put the wee one down for a long winter's nap. Currently, in my crock pot is some beef stew for tonight's supper. My mother-in-law is due in some time during naptime, and she'll be greeted by the most amazing aroma. I'll post the recipe another day because my time here is short, but rest assured, it is good! It calls for over a cup of red wine, so you know it is killer. And there are no less than 6 fresh veggies in there.

Emory and I made some bread this morning that was super easy, kid friendy, good, and healthy. Where did I find this recipe? Where else, but Femina. Just trot on over and type "childhood bread" in the search box. You won't be dissappointed. I mean, y'all, look how pretty it is:

and my beautiful helper:

Nothing makes me happier than a holiday centered around baking! Happy Thanksgiving!

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