Wednesday, November 11, 2009

this is funny, i don't care who you are!

Our daddy does the dinner table training. This enables me to enjoy my meal, sometimes at his expense. Tonight Emory got a piece of Halloween candy for finishing her meal. She chose a package of extra large Smarties. She then proceeded to wedge them in between her extremely dirty toes. I have no idea why. This grossed her daddy out and her asked her not to put her candy in bewteen her toes. To this she replied with a "No."

Of course, as you can imagine, this got the "Oh no you didn't." look from her father. He asked her to hand him the candy, intending to take it away for the evening. She must have suspected as much because she promptly popped the candy into her mouth. I have never seen her father's jaw drop so quickly or so far before. What Emory didn't count on was that her daddy would still make her spit the candy out, even though she had already begun to chew it. Thank goodness for napkins, I was able to hide the laugh that was threatening me.

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cheyne said...

I just want to commend you on being a great parent!!! A lot of parents these days would have thought they were beaten when the candy went in her mouth but you guys had her spit it out. She knows when you speak you mean what you say. When your child grows up she will be a respectful person who can make her way easily in this world. You are doing her a huge favor by following through even though it feels like the hardest thing ever sometimes. I amalso a SAHM and I am devoted to Supernanny. You seem to have the same mind set and I wanted to tell you I just really admire it!!