Thursday, November 12, 2009

the original...

Around here my husband is known as the original. In my previous life, when I was a crazy woman, I was married to a man (also named Eric) whose character was sorely lacking. For any possible new readers: that was not the reason I divorced the guy, it was his pension for other women and falsehoods that split us up. During a brief, insane attempt to patch up the irreparable damage done to our marriage, the elders in our church found my former husband single guys to live with.

You guessed it! My dearest was one of the guys. Wierd, huh? I never spent time at the guy's house (which is now our house) and I never called over here. I felt so bad for this single guy who was trying to help us out, and I didn't want to subject him to our drama. This is odd because the person I was at the time could have cared less what drama others witnessed. I firmly believe it was God's protection that we have no relationship at all. I think we didn't even exchange hello's at church because I was so ashamed at the whole situation and this guy having to be involved.

Anyway, I knew of this guy's character becasue he'd been at church for a while. And, the night we moved my former husband in he'd made the comment that he'd chosen a career specifically so that he could be around when he had a family. Any single guy who was thinking that far ahead amazed me. Secretly I hoped and prayed that this guy would rub off on my then husband. I even started praying for a wife for this guy, specifically a God-loving, child bearing wife.

Does God ever have a sense of humor. Less that 6 months after I signed my name on the dotted line dissolving my former marriage, it was clear that this new guy was the man God had for me. I had hoped this guy would mentor my ex, never did I dream I would get the original - which is far better than a copy! And, I had been praying for myself all those months. God is a master at writing terrific screenplays!


Nate and Molly said...

Wow, Sarah. . I had no idea. thanks for sharing your story!

Jenee said...

Awesome story! Eric "the original" has always had a special place in my heart. My favorite cousin to say the least. He always made me want to strive to be a better person, and more importantly a better Christian. I always prayed he would find happiness in his life. God's plan is always greater then anything we can plan for ourselves. I'm so happy the two of you found each other. You've created an amazing family!