Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a funny little tale...

... about this afternoon. The daddy had a LONG list of things to accomplish outside. The kind of list where he was going to get the things that I've been nagging about asking politely for two years, accomplished. He has a half day, so we were optimisitic. After not one but two trips to Home Depot, he sets out to begin his projects. Mind you, he's already behind schedule since all the necessary goods took 2 trips to procur.

He comes into the kitchen, where I am checking e-mail after getting the babes down for their naps. He starts looking through drawers and my atennae begin to twitch. "Where are the keys to the shed?", he demands purrs. "They aren't in the box?" I get THE SIGH. You know the one. We all have it. The would-I-really-be-asking-if-they-were-where-they-should-be sigh. "You had them last." I declared triumphantly. He disappears to our room to look, and returns shortly to ask, "Did you wash the pants I was wearing when I got the chairs out of the shed?" "I don't know", I reply with my I-really-don't-know-everything-although-everyone-who-lives-here-seems-to-think-I-hold-the-very-secrets-of-the-universe sigh. He disappears again.

And then I remember I was in the shed yesterday to get the hose out so the big kids could play in the sprinkler. I start racking my brain, where are they, where are they? He's gonna have a duck fit if I can't find them. I walk outside to the shed and stand in front of it. Retracing my steps, I walk to the outside water spout and there they are! On the outside window sill above the dog's 5-gallon bucket of water, and the water spout. "I found them!" I do my victory dance while he shakes his head. You see this isn't funny to him yet. Our marriage is still too young for him to roll with my kind of insanity just yet. Wow! Our marriage really is young, even though it feels old. I guess that's what happens when you have two offspring to show for your time together.

Speaking of which, giving birth is about the most vulnerable thing one human can do in front of another. And, I've done this twice in front of this man. Twice. There's a reason why having babies is limited Biblically to couples legally obligated to each other. But, back to our story...

With the shed keys found, he gets to work. Only to come back in to inform me he won't be building the sand box he promised the big girl she could play in after naptime after all. Both batteries for the cordless drill are dead, and we have no nails so he can't go to plan B. I guess going back to Home Depot was out of the question. And, what kind of household has no nails?!

At this point, I exited stage right to my bedroom with a 150 calorie, sugar free Klondike bar and my book, for a snack, read, and a nap. After all, I'm the momma and I've been up for whole lot longer today than all these clowns blessings. When I emerged, he was transplanting an azalea. He'd planned to do 3 today, but after 2 hours of work it is now 6:00pm and he's still at it. So, I've made his favorite lasagna which, as Providence would have it, was on the menu for the week.

Poor daddy.

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