Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have recently been feeling weary.  I'm so tired.  There's this insomnia thing that has reared it's ugly head once we got the baby sleeping through the night.  If I weren't so tired, I'd laugh.  But, the thing about lack of rest, is that it kind of makes you crazy.  And, if you have small children, you don't the luxury of giving into the crazy.  So, you keep it at bay which makes you really really grumpy.  So, you either stare at the wall, humming to yourself, rocking in the fetal position, or you snap at your poor daughter for turning the kitchen faucet too high, which slashes water all over the wall, and I DO NOT HAVE THE ENERGY TO WIPE IT UP. 

So, I've been begging God for sleep, which He has not granted... yet.  I'm still going to pray until He grants my request.  I get a little panicky sometimes, like when I let myself dwell on how long this might go on, but that really does no good at all.  For anyone.  I began this week knowing I was terribly low on sleep and then the big girl got sick with a cough.  And coughing can be worse than puking because at least if there is puking there is sleeping in between the puking.  With a cough, there is no sleep at all. 

I've been begging God for patience.  And then it hit me.  I don't need patience, I need to have fun.  When I'm having fun, patience comes easy.  So, I began to ask God for laughter.  And boy has He granted it.  And nothing makes us laugh more around here than a silly song.  I know I get this insane delightful talent from my mother.  If you made the mistake of complaining around her, she would somehow turn it into a whimsical ditty that made you ever so sorry you opened your mouth. 

Here are some songs I've whipped up the last few days.  See if you can guess the tune....

While wiping a nose:                                           
Who's got the snots?    
Ethan's got the snots.                                                       
Oh!  Who's got the snots?                                                 
Ethan's got the snots!

While putting a grumpy big girl down for a nap:
What do you do with a grumpy princess?
What do you do with a grumpy princess?
What do you do with a grumpy princess?
Give that girl a kiss!

While checking a diaper:
Looky, looky, looky
Who's got poopy?
Ethan's buns are clean!

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