Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WFMW and a compliment...

I'm resurrecting "Works For Me Wednesday"! I'd love to hear your tips too! I'm always on the lookout for a more efficent way of housekeeping (or parenting). Today's edition involves the television. Everyday Ethan takes a morning nap from 9 to 10. If I'm lucky. Now, the problem is not that he's a poor napper, he's actually a superb sleeper, the problem is the loud energetic big kid in the house. After too many mornings of being awakened early from his nap, which led to cranky baby and a suprememly messed up schedule in which the kids would not be taking an afternoon nap at the same time (and it's really all about the kids sleeping at the same time in the afternoon), I decided Emory would be getting her day's allotment of TV in one chunk.

It just so happens that this is the blessed hour when Sesame Street is on. And what childhood is truly complete without Sesame Street? As a former preschool teacher and a lover of God who strives to be freed from the bonds of the law, this has been a process of dying to an idol for me. The idol of being the mom who is so good at entertaining her kids that TV is a completely unneccessary item. But, it is necessary to make life work in our tiny home and it keeps the peace. Which, pleases the God I love so much more than a grumpy momma doing an art project with a wiggly three-year-old (who, let's face it, would much rather be watching TV) and a crying infant.

Today, after laying Ethan down, I walked into Emory's room and announced, "Sesame Street is on!" "Can I have popcorn?" Emory asked. It just so happens that I bought a box on Monday! "Yes, we still have some left." And just because I can't let a teaching moment just sit there unattended I added, "Do you know how many bags I bought? I bought 10. You had one on Monday, so there are 9 left. That's a lot! You're going to get to have popcorn for lots of days." To which my babe replied, "That's great, Mom. You're awesome at that."

Thanks kid. I aim to please.


Olivia said...

I run a box fan in James' room so that the white noise will drown out the (excited) screams of his sister and the big construction trucks roaring down our street. Also, I do the same thing as you and let her watch her TV quota for the day.

greatishisfaithfulness said...

Sounds like a plan that's working well! What about while the weather is nice, sending her outside to play during that time so that by the time HER rest time rolls around, she'll be nice and tired?