Thursday, April 15, 2010

where does she get this stuff?

Today I was packing Emory's lunch for school.  As I packed she was asking me to include various food items that her friends bring to school.  Most recently, it is carrot sticks and ranch dip because her friend Anna brings it too.  Since Emory tends to shun anything that could possibly have any nutritional value, I am all too happy to oblige.  Even if it is for one of the sweetest vegetables available.  As I was working I asked her, "Emory, does anyone ever bring their vitamins to school for lunch?"  You see, I am a bit neurotic about the vitamins.  Especially since her diet is so lacking in them.  And it's gotten kind of old this having to remember to give her the vitamins when she gets home from school.  It's out of my routine, you see, and therefore takes a lot of mental effort to remember it.  But that's a whole other post....

She replies to me, "No, not usually."  Not usually?

And currently, we are in the kitchen, Emory and Ethan are playing school.  Ethan, of course, has no clue what they are doing, but he is thrilled with his big sister's attention for the moment.  It's fleeting since Ethan doesn't play right, in her estimation.  Emory is pretending to be a preschool teacher and is welcoming children to her classroom.  Periodically, she will walk to the kitchen doorway and "greet" a child, by name mind you, and then proceed to mime carrying them into the "classroom".  I think she's an infant teacher this morning.  Sometimes she is a two-year-old teacher, but usually she is a music teacher.  Signs of things to come?

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