Sunday, April 25, 2010

tricycles, pb&j, and a snow cone...

... were the ingredients for one incredible Sunday evening.  At about 5, we slapped together a couple of pb&j's, loaded the kids up, remembered the tricycle, and headed 2 minutes away to a quaint little botanical garden for some walking, riding, and eating.  Emory has so much fun "leading" the way, while Ethan is beside himself with joy watching this big sister creature whip around on her tryke.  Eric and I get to stroll and chat, which is so rare, and is so enjoyable when we get to indulge ourselves.

After a dinner of pb&j, doritoes, grapes, and Mountain Dew (diet for me, the real thang for the daddy) we took up our stroll again.  We happened upon some great pals of ours, and whilst the mamas visited a side-splitting game of freeze tag erupted between the daddies and our big girl.  At some point, along came a bigger kid, child of an aquaintance who also happened to be at the gardens, and more hilarity ensued. 

When the park attendant came by in his handy dandy golf cart letting us know that we had 15 minutes left, my rule abiding beloved gave me "the look" -  the one that says, "It is most considerate to abide by the stated rules.  I plan to be considerate and so will you."  See me, left on my own, would have waited 15 minutes before feeling the need to exit.  Eric knows that what the attendant really wants is be getting into his car in 15 minutes, which means, we need to start moving towards the exit. Now. 

So, we did, and got kids loaded up in record time.  I have no idea how we got it done that quickly.  Knowing that we were taking her someplace for a surprise probably added to Emory's cooperativeness.  You should have seen her face light up when she realized we were getting a snow cone.  Bubba was too tired to care we were somewhere new.  He was resting his head on my shoulder, trying to decided whether or not to fall asleep, while we ordered, and protested quite a bit when I repositioned him in my lap for a taste of my chocolate covered cherry snowcone.  The protesting ended rather abruptly when he got a taste of the sugary, cold goodness I spooned into his mouth.

First there was confusion as he tried to decided whether or not he appreciated me spooning something ice cold into his mouth, then there was the dawning of recognition on his face ("Hey.  This is sugar.  I like sugar!"), and then the ear-piercing squeal and full body lunge for more towards my cup.  After loading 2 filthy children up, we arrived at home and wiped the soot and snot off their bodies, popped them into jammies, and threw them into their respective beds.   AHHH.....  that was my idea of fun.

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