Saturday, May 1, 2010

the human vacuum...

is what we've now dubbed the Bubba.  To date, there is only one food he has staunchly refused.  And when I say refused, I mean he took one look at it on the spoon and clamped his lips together so tight that quite possibly the jaws-of-life would have been unable to open them.  What's that food, you ask?  White potatoes.  I know, go figure.  I love white potatoes.  But neither one of my children will even consider them as something edible. 

There are foods that he's not a big fan of, but he'll eat them, crying the whole time.  I keep thinking that as we continue to perservere, maybe he'll learn to suffer in silence.  Those foods include peas, squash, and cottage cheese.

Recently, the bubs has reached a new feeding plateau and angels have been singing the hallelujahs 'round here.  He is becomeing a Class A pro in self feeding.  Quite possibly because I provide lots of opportunities for this skill to be perfected.  Up until Wednesday, he had really only self-fed puffs, crackers, pizza crust, and graham crackers.  And, that's not really self-feeding to me.  It's the activity that keeps him quiet while I get the real meal prepared.  To me, self-feeding is he eats his meal while I get to eat mine. 

Wednesday morning, he indulged in cheese toast.  He ate the whole thing by himself.  And it was awesome.  So, guess what he's gotten for breakfast every day since?  It's been tempting to feed it to him for every meal, but I guess that borders on some kind of neglect.  And impatience.

But the exciting thing, is that this opens a whole new world for him (and me) culinarily speaking.  The only thing standing in our way is the fact that he's only got 2 front teeth.  So, I guess I'll hold off on the chicken nuggets for now.  But, coming soon, is sliced peaches, pears, and carrots.  Not to mention broccoli, peas, and green beans.

And how does sister benefit from this new skill of brother's?  She's very quickly discovered the art of passing off her unwanted food under the umbrella of, "Look what I'm sharing with brother."  Today it was the crust off of her cheese toast.  Smart girl.

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