Thursday, May 13, 2010

just life...

... So, today has found me scrambling like mad to get the errands accomplished that will unload the junk in the rear of my car so that we can fill it all back up again when we leave on Saturday for the beach.  Five wonderful days of the beach, good food, no housework, my husband, sweet friends, and, did I mention, the beach!  I've made a vat of black bean and corn salsa and am toting it down with the world's best tortilla chips in order to consume it with plenty of beer in those lazy afternoons when you're freshly showered after a day in the sand and surf and you can't decide which local haunt to try for some fresh seafood.  We're going with another couple that have a boy Emory's age, so we all will have someone to play with.  I'm anticipating heaven on earth.  Did I mention that I will be consuming beer?  That's actually huge, since the last two times I was beach bound I was also in my third trimester.  So I won't be, huge that is.

Ethan is officially 9 months old today.  As of 2 weeks ago, he was 24 pounds.  He wears 24 month clothes and size 5 diapers.  And, he is finally crawling.  Like, the real kind of crawling, making it from one room to another.  So added to the chores necessary for getting a family of 4, one of whom happens to be an infant, ready for the beach, I've had to re-do all the baby proofing.  Corners have been covered with padded do-dads, I've put Emory's markers (which live in a box on the floor of the kitchen) up higher but where she can still get to them without buggin' me on her own, and I've even had to vacuum!  He's been so much happier today, and even skipped his afternoon nap in lieu of trying out this cool new trick he has finally mastered.  It's his 9-month-aversary, so I let it slide.

Emory has had quite the week.  She and I spent Monday afternoon at the doctor's office where we learned she had a smoldering ear infection, may have mild asthma, and was so "backed-up" that her stomach was behind her lungs.  I even got to see the x-ray for myself.  The doctor was fairly astounded that she hasn't been complaining about either the ear, or her bowels.  The down-side to having a child with a high pain tolerance, I guess.  After a few days of oral antibiotics for her ear and a bronchidialator for her asthma, she is a new kid.  The first night on the new asthma medicine, she slept for almost 13 hours.  This kid has not slept consistently through the night for over a year.

Enough of her ailments, she's also had a neat week spiritually.  After wondering aloud if she'd get splinters in her buns from her from her coffin when she dies, she asked me if she would indeed go to heaven.  "Well, do you love Jesus?"  "Yes ma'am." "Do you believe He is the Son of God?" "Yes ma'am."  "Do you think you can be good enough on your own or do you need Jesus?"  "I need Jesus." 

Good enough for me.

And Eric... did I mention he has 5 whole days off work and he's going to spend them with us?!  I am so looking forward to hanging out with him.

Have a happy week and I'll see you when we get back.