Monday, September 6, 2010

another top ten...

.... Top 10 ways you know you are a "real" mom:

10. Nursing bras are your regular bras.

9. You finally part with all those cute clothes you wore on your honeymoon because you realize you will never again fit into them or they are no longer practical.

8. Consignment season gives you a high.

7. Your three-year-old tells you to zip it up and when you ask, in atonishment, where she heard that phrase your husband gently points out you say it.  Regularly.

6. By the time you are expecting your third child, ultrasound photos don't get framed or hung on the fridge.  They stay in the bottom of your purse which is where you stashed them on your way out of the doctor's office to pick up your other children.

5. Comfort food is anything you didn't have to make.

4. You finally see the beauty of elastic waist bands.

3. Any time away from your kids with your spouse is considered a date.  Sitting down to order is not necessary but a really good bonus.

2. You know a "Potty Time" song, "Brush Your Teeth" song, "Go to Bed" song, and a "Clean Up" song.

1. Grocery shopping by yourself is such a luxury it warrants stopping for a special drink to enjoy while you're out.  Just make sure you toss the cup before coming home so you don't get busted by the big kid.


Rebecca Brown said...

Amen. And amen! You might have just nailed the perfect list, Sarah!

Greta said...

Amen to all of these, especially #1!!! (And the date one, and the consignment season one...)

filiagratiae said...

might I add:
"Freshening up" includes fishing goldfish crackers out of your bra. Daily.