Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just life...

No deep thoughts tonight, just what life looks like right now.  I'm one day away from being 15 weeks pregnant and I am really ready to begin feeling more human-like.  However, if all goes well tomorrow, it will have been the first full week I've not thrown up in a while!  Now, if the general yuckies and fatigue would give way to that second-trimester-honeymoon, everyone in this house would jump for joy.  Still haven't gained anything, and in fact, I wore a pair of pants the other night that didn't fit before I was pregnant.  Go figure.  My dream of not battling baby weight once this kid arrives may actually come true.  Usually, by this point, I've put on about half of what I'll gain.

Ethan is cracking us up these days.  He and Emory have kind of begun playing together.  I don't have to monitor nearly as closely as I was when they are in the same room.  She is making good choices and even showing some inclinations to be kind to her baby brother.  It looks as though she may have figured out life is more fun when she is making him laugh intead of making him cry.  I've even caught her really enjoying him, which is such a blessing to me.  I'd love for these two to be friends.  This morning they were playing a game where they were each holding one end of his blankey.  She would lead him from his room, across the hall, to her room, and then back again.  This went on for about 10 minutes, both of them laughing hysterically.   It was a treat to watch.

Ethan loves to watch her and imitates everything she does - from trying to jump like her to twirling like she does when she dances.  He'll do the most random things and then wait for us to laugh at him.  Today Emory was reading books on the couch with her legs dangling over the edge.  Baby wierdo toddled over and sucked on her bare big toe for a moment.  At first, Emory did not know what to do and then when I started laughing at him, she relaxed a bit and let herself laugh at him too.  He, of course, was eternally proud of having secured another laugh from his fan club.

He loves to stack things, throw whatever he can get his hands on, and would practice getting into a chair and sitting down sucessfully for hours.  He and Emory are very different that way.  At his age, once she mastered a new skill she wasted no time on moving on to the next skill to master.  Ethan will master a new skill and then practice it over and over and over just for the simple pleasure of success.  He gets really proud of himself and I've even witnessed him clapping for himself when he's not aware he's being watched.  He's just such a delight to have around.

Emory has been reading non-stop.  She's begun to recognize some words by sight and will tell you how many of a certain would is on a given page.  Her favorite word right now is "zoo".  I think it's the first word she's recognized that starts with a z, so I think it's an extra cool word to her.  We were reading Lyle Lyle Crocodile the other day and she blurted out, "There are 3 on that page."  She was referring to how many times the word zoo was used.  Seems a little Rain Man-ish to me, but at least she's on the right path to learning to read.  If she keeps it up, she might have it mastered before she  makes it to kindergarten.

Her most favorite place right now is the library.  We have the best story time and children's librarian, Ms. Laura, at our library.  She knows my kids by name, makes it a point to speak to them and me after story time, and she's terribly gifted at working with young children.  She remembers what we've been reading and asks Emory what she thinks about certain books.  Reading accounts for about 80% of what we do with our playtime, with riding our tricycle accouting for the other  20%.  Even Ethan will come sit next to us as we read.  He still won't let me read to him like she did at his age, but he will sit by us and turn the pages of a book over and over and over while we read book after book.  And, he won't be fooled by a board book.  No sir, he wants a book with pages, just like sister.  On the upside, I feel like he is learning earlier than she did how to treat a book with respect and care.  He's surprisingly gentle with the pages and has only tried to tear them once, and that was on a 4-hour car ride home from Mobile when I felt like tearing the pages of a book myself!  Maybe it's his tempermant, or it's the benefit of seeing us and how we use them.  Whatever, it's working!

So, that's life in a nutshell.  Silly boys, little girls who love to read, and a mama who's glad to be puking less.


Nate and Molly said...

it's all that working out that's keeping you so skinny! love the update. . I hope our children love books that much some day!

~Amanda~ said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better!! :)