Monday, September 6, 2010

some recent musings from my oldest...

.... She has recently noticed that there are no women in front of the congregation during worship and has asked why.  Thankfully, she was appeased with my answer of, "Because God wants it that way." because I wasn't really sure how to expound on it.

At lunch one day this past week she was eating carrots sticks.  A snack she regularly enjoys.   I guess not on this day because she held up a carrot stick and announced, "I'm pretty sure they will eat these in hell."

We've begun singing the doxology as a family before dinner as kind of a family blessing.  Of course we all know that the last line is, "Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost."  This got translated in an odd way in Emory's brain.  One night after her bath she took off down the hallway in just her towel.  On her return flight to the bathroom, she spread her arms out wide, making the towel seem like eagle's wings and announced, "Look Mom, I'm the Holy Goat."

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