Friday, September 10, 2010

more cute stuff about my kids...

.... Ethan, being a boy toddler, is frequently drawn to grosser things than the two gals he's home with all day long.  So, he frequently hears Emory and I exclaim, "Oh Ethan!  EWWWWW!"  So now, he will do something that he knows is going to get a reaction - like lift the potty lid, peer into the trash can, or put his big sister's toes in his mouth - look at me, flash a wicked grin and say, "Ew?" 

When I send Emory to put her dirty clothes into her hamper I will inevitably hear her giggling and then she'll appear holding random items Ethan has thrown in there when no one was looking.  Today it was one of his chunky cars and a red comb. I get a kick out of seeing her enjoy her baby brother's quirks.

Today on the way home from a friend's house, we passed a small farm with horses out to pasture.  I asked Emory what she would name her horse, if she owned one.  She replied, "Probably Walrus."

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