Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Must be doing something right....

.... We have the pleasure and privilege to be attending a little month-long parenting seminar at a friend's church on Tuesday nights in September.  Last night's session was on discipline, and was a much needed reminder and source of encouragement.  One of the highlighted points of the evening was Dad's authority.  A question was raised about the all-too-familiar threat of some moms, "Just wait 'til your Father gets home." and it's appropriate uses.  It is no secret that Daddies generally command more authority around the home.  And if not, then their administration of discipline is at least usually more painful.

 On evening, not too long ago, I sent Emory to sit on our bed during supper.  This is our go-to waiting spot for the administration of that extra-special love of discipline (see Proverbs - there's a whole lot of "if you love your child, you must discipline him/her" in that book!).  Daddy decided that he would administer the lovin' and give a tired Mama a break.  As he walked into the room he was greeted with a wail of, "No!  Not you!" 

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