Friday, September 17, 2010

an interesting glimpse...

....into the mind of my big girl.  We ran a couple of errands this afternoon after naptime and one of those errands was to drop off some clothes in a Hannah Home drop-box. 

Emory asked, "Is this place Hannah Home?" (The drop-box is located in the parking lot of a gas station.) "No, this is just where they have a little  mailbox for people to put things in for Hannah Home." 
"Mama, do people live in Hannah Home?"
 "Yes, Baby, they do?"
"Who lives there, Mama?"
"Women who have mean husbands take their children there to be safe."
"Some ladies have mean husbands?"
"Yes, Honey, some husbands and daddies are very mean."
"Our Daddy is kind."
"Yes, God gave us a very kind Daddy."
"He's even kind when you're not there."

That's good to know.  Never thought to wonder about that.

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