Monday, January 18, 2010

boy baby vs. girl baby

Now that I have "one of each", I'm enjoying the discovery of how God has made males and females different. Here are a few observations so far.....

Emory would discover her toys, stare at them for long periods of time, turn them over in her hands. Ethans grabs whatever is nearby and shakes it in an "I have defeated you" sort of way.

Emory cooed. Ethan emits shrill battle cries.

Emory didn't like to be cuddled, but wanted to be held for the sake of being able to see what was going on. Ethan loves to have his head stroked and will nuzzle to get as physically close as possible.

Emory was afraid of loud noises. Nothing gets a bigger belly laugh out of Ethan than his sister yelling in his face.

Emory didn't have a "early" bedtime until she was 6 months old. Last night I couldn't keep Ethan awake past 7:00.

And, I am sure there are many, many others yet to be discovered!

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