Thursday, January 21, 2010

things I've washed...

To date, I have washed the following items. Folks, I don't discover this stuff until I am FOLDING the clothes. EEEWWW.

- pantiliner

- keyless entry remote

- chapstick

- diaper

- Sam's card

- and who knows how many receipts?!


e.c. said...

Okay...I feel soo much better!! I have washed two of the grosser things on that list, and I think to myself, "Where, oh where has my brain gone to??" I can add cell phone to that list...twice. It didn't work for a week or so, but then dried out and worked just fine, for three more years!

The Fancher Family said...

That is so funny! I wash my chapstick all the time and the worst thing is when you dry it and it melts all over your clothes.
Hey, do you by any chance know Angie's(our old roomate) new last name. I was trying to see if she was on facebook and I cant find her. Email is