Wednesday, January 13, 2010

made in heaven...

... our marriage, that is. Not, really, but we are a pretty terrific match for each other. You don't get more opposite, and we seem to compliment each other well. Now, is our marriage perfect? Not yet! But I'm pretty happy, or at the very least, content to be married to Eric. He's a really great guy. I mean, really really great guy.

I think I am always still in a state of shock that I am married to someone who loves me. You see, when there is someone close to you that doesn't love you, you start to believe that you are unloveable. That's what happened the first time I tried my hand at wedded bliss. When I first met Eric I was content just to be friends with the guy. He didn't have to like me, like me - although I really wanted him to - he was just a lot of fun to be around... and he was so nice to me. Aaahhh......

When we did start dating he turned out to be an incredibly attentive boyfriend. So much so, that I had no idea what to do with the attention. It overwhelmed me, scared me, and even felt kind of icky at times. It was foreign to me, this being treated as though I mattered.

And, he's still that way. The other day I had to ask him to please stop being so considerate and just do whatever it was that he wanted regarding an issue at home. Now, now, lest you all holler at me that I'm crazy to want him to be less considerate and that there are worse things to have in a marriage, remember that I want what's best for him too. I want him to feel like a man, make decisions, be confident about them, and grunt in the process!

He does have sin and he does wrong me at times, but I see fruit in him from May 2005 until now. It's so lovely being married to a man who is being visibly sanctified. And who still watches me undress (oh grow up! I've got 2 kids so you know it's happened!) and makes sure I know I am desired.... even though my post-partum body looks nothing like the one he married. And, he likes being with me. Misses me when I am not around, yet gives me the freedom to have a little "me" time after the kids are down.

He's a great daddy, a wonderful husband and I still have no idea how I got this lucky. An older lady in our church poked me a couple of weeks ago and whispered, "You're life is a dream come true. You do know that, right?" I looked down at the sweet, sweet baby I was holding, glanced at Eric who was wrestling Emory and acknowledged that I did. Dream come true doesn't mean that my days are easy. Not at all, but I've been delivered from a trial, a suffering, a hard providence that I never expected to be delivered from. I got my get-out-of-jail-free-card, for the second time around. How can anyone not say, "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad!" (Psalm 126:3)

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