Friday, January 15, 2010

If you give a mama a laundry basket....

... she's going to want to fill it with dirty clothes. One of the dirty clothes will have a spaghetti stain on it and will remind her that there is a sink full of dirty dishes from supper last night. So she'll go to wash them. On her way to the kitchen she'll spot a kid jumping on the bed. She'll tell them to stop and the kid will cry at the injustice of it all and wake up the napping baby. So, she'll get the baby up and change his diaper, which will be poopy.

Changing the poopy diaper will distract her from the big kid, who will commence jumping on the bed. They will fall off and start to cry. When the big kid wails, so does the baby so the Mama will rack her brain as to how to appease the big kid and will offer them to watch Sesame Street. When the big kid hears the offer, they will squeal with glee and head for daddy's recliner. Sesame Street won't be on yet, but a commercial for Jell-O will, and it will remind the big kid that they are hungry.

The Mama will offer several snack options, and the big kid will eventually choose one. When the Mama brings the big kid her snack, she will see Elmo and remember the batteries that she never changed in the excersaucer. So she will start to hunt down batteries. Having been put down, the baby will decide he is hungry and begin to wail. The big kid will complain that she can't hear the T.V. over the baby, and you will pick the baby up. The spit up stain on your shirt will remind the baby that it is almost time to eat, so he'll continue to whine. So, the Mama will sit down and feed him.

After the baby is full, the Mama will put him in the excersaucer, which still needs batteries. The Mama will rifle frantically through the junk drawer in the kitchen and eventually remember that we now keep batteries in the new laundry room. Being in the laundry room will remind the Mama of clean clothes, of which there are none in the house. So, she'll start to gather dirty clothes. And chances are, if she has some dirty clothes, she's going to need a laundry basket to go with it.

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Olivia said...

that's hilarious! Sounds all too familiar... :)