Tuesday, January 26, 2010

remember that quest?

The one to find a really good boxed mac 'n cheese that I could whip up quickly at lunch time? I never found one. But then, it occurred to me, why can't I just make my recipe, making it only to the cheese sauce stage, and then freeze it myself? Well, I did it and it works! Awesome! Now, all I have to do is pull it out and defrost it in the microwave for about 10 minutes, boil noodles while it's doing it's thing, toss it all together on the stove and.... VOILA! Emory can have her hot lunch! My recipe makes enough sauce for about 2 cups of uncooked noodles. Folks, that is a lot of mac 'n cheese to have on hand. When there are only 3 people in the house eating solid foods, that is a mountain of mac, let me tell you. So, I freeze the sauce in 1 cup portions. That marries up quite nicely with 1/2 c. noodles and gives us that just right amount for a couple of lunches.

Now, if I could just rave about that cutie at the top of the page for a bit. Ain't he darlin'? And there is a sweet personality to match that toothless grin. We took that picture, incidentally, because I really wanted evidence of that grin before there were any teeth in there. Seriously, I could just eat that little guy up. And, as if being cute weren't enough, he really really likes me, too! He can be just a fussin' in his daddy's lap, but if he's handed over to me he'll look at his dad and grin. Rascal. I know I shouldn't encourage it, but.... it just makes me feel so good inside. Once all he needed was to be able to see me. Cool.


Renie said...

I want your sauce recipe!

Robin Stevens said...

He is changing so much! What a precious smile!