Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Emory at 4!

At four, this gal is amazing!  What a difference a year makes.  Emory's "skills" include:

- using scissors, and almost being able to cut a complete circle
- lacing correctly and not just jumbling up the string on a lacing card
- play "Go Fish" by the rules
- communicating more effectively and crying less when she's frustrated
- manipulating her brother so effectively into doing something that he actually thinks he's in control and it was his idea
- dressing herself completely, including buttons, zippers, and shoes
- taking a shower by herself
- holding her own in a phone conversation
- finishing a color sheet
- hanging out and entertaining herself while I take an afternoon nap
- getting her own snacks, and feeding her brother while she is at it, while I hit the shower
- opening the van door and buckling herself into her carseat
- calling the dogs in, or letting them out (can't wait til she can be trusted to feed them too!)
- brushing her teeth. start to finish

At four, she is seeming so grown-up to me.  Though I know she is still small, she is more of a pal to me and I don't mind her company at all while Ethan takes his afternoon nap.  I used to worry about not having any time to myself to complete chores or just re-charge when the nap was gone, but it was fruitless to worry.  Turns out, she's great company, and even a help to me sometimes.  She's amazing and I am so glad she is my big kid!

She's independent, which I am mostly thankful for, and such a thinker.  This week alone, she's asked some really hard questions... "Why did God choose to love me and make me part of His people?" is my personal favorite this week.  It really is a privilege to be this kid's mama.

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