Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wookie or wookiee?

Today while the kids were eating a snack and I was being productive cleaning up the breakfast mess (yes, a lot of time expires between when the meal is actually eaten and when the aftermath is cleared away), I said to my kids, "You guys are the 2 best kids God has ever made."  Emory remaked, "God made Ella too."  Ella is the baby in my tummy who can not be a boy!  Emory refuses to call the baby just baby.  It is always Ella.  Anyways... I said, "You're right.  So actually right now in the kitchen are the 3 best kids God has ever made."  To which Emory replied, "We'll soon have two of something.  2 girls or 2 boys, unless you're growing a Wookie in there."


Katie said...

Oh my goodness! That's hilarious!

J e n said...

that kid....she is SO smart!! I hope you're writing this down...oh, wait. you're blogging. there you go!

Rachel said...

That's hilarious!! Let's hope for a boy or a girl instead of a Wookie. :) When are you due?