Friday, October 8, 2010

a short rant...

.... It all started when I pregnant with baby #2 and we'd discovered "it" was a boy.  People would look at Emory and then remark, "Well, you're done then.  Lucky you."


Who made the rule that the goal of child-bearing is one boy and one girl?  What about those of us who kind of like having kids and don't mind a house-ful of ankle biters?  Sure, there are days (today would be one) that I am so ready to be done with parenting for the day that I say no when the big girl asks for more songs and tell her it's time for bed and to hush.  But mostly, I enjoy being Mama, as long as I got a full 8 the night before.  I can get by on a sweet 7, but 8 is much much better for the family.

Now that I am finally showing, I am getting all kinds of comments about the length of time between what will be the younger two children.  Now, this was not a planned pregnancy, but neither is it unwanted.  I could live without the nausea and mind-numbing fatigue, but in the end we get another sweet smelling member of the Skocelai tribe, so it's all good. 

I get that some folks only want 2 kids or even 1, and that's cool.  I think it's very wise to know your limits and operate within them.  Some people would love more and it's just not happening for them.   That's a sad place to be and I hurt for them.  But my word!  Strangers treating me like I am out of my mind for being pregnant is starting to get old.  I got news... God controls the circumstances, all of them, and sometimes we end up somewhere we never expected to be.  I can sulk that family planning was taken out of our hands or find a way to rejoice in His plan for us, knowing it to be perfectly unflawed.

Rejoice!  And again I say, rejoice!


Greta said...

Haha, whew, I've gotten ALL kinds of comments.
My favorites when people find out we're having another boy are: (1) you're working on a basketball team! (2) wow, you're gonna have your hands full! (like I don't already) and (3) laughter.

Good times.

J e n said...

good girl, Sarah!! :) and hallelujah for another BEAUTIFUL (or HANDSOME) Skocelas member!!

Olivia said...

That is so crazy that people feel like they have the right to say things like that. I get the same reaction, too, when people find out that I'm pregnant again and I already have a boy and a girl. Yes, I did want more children after having one of each--is that so wierd? Sorry you're having to deal with that. I can totally relate. Don't let anyone take away your joy.
"Children are a hertiage from the Lord; the fruit of the womb a reward." Ps. 127

Jenee said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. Once the baby arrives and you are out in public people will ask everywhere you go, "So you do daycare?,"....ahh nope. They are all ours, and we LOVE our life. The invites out become less and less, and you are told it would be best if Thanksgiving was at your house because off ALL the kids (which are ALL mine =)) Which is fine by me. I am loving God's plan! I can not wait to see and hear about the newest member to the Skocelas family! I loved the post!