Tuesday, October 12, 2010

waiting is hard...

....especially if you are almost 4 years old and it seems that everyone around you is getting their baby sister before you.  Mind you, we do not know if we are getting a baby sister, but Emory has her mind made up that is what is growing inside my belly.  Yesterday a good friend of mine had her baby girl.  Thinking Emory would be excited for this little girl's big brother, who happens to be one of Emory's fav friends, I spilled the beans before bed time.  Big mistake.  Big.  Huge!  Emory ended up crying herself to sleep because, "Everyone is getting their baby sister before me!"  Oh, little girl,  are we really going to be this dramatic about it?  Apparently so.

I was hopeful that a good night's sleep would be enough to hit her reset button, but it didn't.  Today I've had to reset the attitude myself.  Over and over and over.  And Emory fights D.I.R.T.Y.  "I don't like the new baby's name."  is her favorite way of declaring her displeasure.  And when that doesn't work she tries, "Mommy, I hear our baby crying.  She's saying 'When will I be big enough to come out?'  She really wants out Mommy."  Like I don't want him/her out too, but we all have to wait kid.

I really hope this baby is a girl.  For all our sakes!

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Olivia said...

I hope your baby is a girl, too. Sounds like Emory is quite set on it.
Anna Ruth had her heart set on a baby sister, too, and she is a little bit in denial right now. She keeps saying, "The cake was supposed to be pink." and "Blue means it's going to be a girl." (and she knows full well that is not the case). But at least she now has some time to get used to the idea of another baby brother instead of a sister. Hopefully by the time he is born, she will be excited and happy to have a new brother. I think she will no matter what, because she just loves babies, and once she holds him, I know she'll love him.
But I was hoping for a girl for her sake. Now I will definitely be hoping for a girl the next time around! :)