Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools...

I didn't come up with anything good to do to Eric this year. I can't fake an unexpected baby on the way since we both monitor things pretty closely and I didn't have the heart, 'er guts, to pretend like we'd had an offer on the house. Other than those two biggies, I just couldn't come up with something. For those of you who know Eric, it is a crying shame to let a day like this go by without capitalizing on some form of trickery. The day requires it, and his tempermant just begs for it.

Enter the wonderful front desk staff of the animal clinic Eric works for. Today was his half day. He is home, just having eaten lunch, baby is napping, and he is fuming because it has rained ruining all his plans to work in the yard. The phone rings and BPAC comes up on the caller ID. I answer the phone saying to Eric, "Hmmm. It's the clinic." Nichole says (sounding rushed and slightly breathless) "Hey Sarah. Is Dr. Skocelas available." Handing the phone over, I am curious as to what he left undone or which client has a question only he can answer, since this is usually the reason he gets a call on his day off. His side of the conversation goes a little something like this, "Really! Ok, well, I can be there soon. What? Yeah (little laugh) I'm glad you did or I'd have been really upset. See you tomorrow."

I could hear raucous laughing as he hangs up the phone. I ask him, "Did they get you?" He says, "Yeah. They told me that a clinic on Oxmoor Road had burned down and they were sending over some animals that had serious burns and smoke inhalation and needed immediate attention." The girls were originally going to wait until he ended up at the clinic before revealing the joke, but Doc strongly advised against it. Smart move, Doc. That's why you're the boss!

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