Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Good morning!

It never ceases to amaze me what a mother will do to make her child "happy". Emory does not care for the bland taste of water. I know, I know. It is her lack of training that has made her this way and I happily accept the blame. It has never been a problem, until now. She literally gets only enough juice to give the water a little bit of flavor. Well, anyway, yesterday we officially ran out of juice for the first time ever. Not a drop in the house. No big deal. It was late enough in the day that she was not going to need another cup and I was on my way out to a ladies function at our church so I figured I would grab some on the way home so we'd have it in the morning. Well, I forgot. Want to know what Emory drank this morning? I opened a can of mandarin oranges and drained the juice into her cup, added some water, and viola! Instant joy in the Skocelai household.

What crazy things have you done to satisfy your child's culinary preferences?


rwilliford said...

I never cater to my children's culinary preferences. Hasn't anyone ever told you that's a sin?

the skocelai said...

you dork :)!