Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the girl's got that knack...

for making everything fun, that is. She even eats chips in a most interesting way. God must have had fun creating little Emory's personality. Of course, I am not the least bit partial to the cuteness of my little girl.

What's she done lately? Today she was messing with the DVD player, which is a strict "No touch, Emory Katherine!". We don't have too terribly many of those, but that is one that is generally followed with a "bottom reminder" (yanked that one of another blog!). Today as I prepared for the reminder, she grabbed both of my hands, fluttered her eyelashes, and grinned the cutest of all grins. I absolutely could not keep a straight face and ending up laughing hysterically and abandoning all efforts to remind her not to touch the DVD player. It was not long before she was joining me and we just had a good laugh together. I love that little girl.

Eric calls her my shadow as she is most happy "helping" me as I work about the house. She's quite adept at throwing laundry in the washer and she loves to wash dishes at the sink. It won't be long before she's making her own bed and vacuuming. Then, I can officially retire. Just kidding. But, I had her pegged a long time ago. I know, I know... this is typical toddler behavior. However, I think she will always be happiest by my side doing whatever it is that I am doing. It is the mark of a first born. We're all like that. Born workers.

Being a first born myself, I kind of get her in a special way. I know what makes her tick a little more than her baby-of-the-family daddy. And I feel really sorry that she won't get to be just a kid as long as her siblings since she'll be my little helper once there are others around to care for. So, I am trying to let her just be a kid and really soak her up as long as I can for now. She's the only one I'll ever get to have all to myself. That's a special bond; mommy and her first born. My mom always told me that I was special because I was the one who made her a mommy and now I finally get what she meant. Emory will always have an incredibly special place in my heart since she was the one who made me a mommy first.

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