Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't you just hate that...

We're getting older despite all of our attempts to freeze time. I read recently on a fellow blogger's profile that sometimes she still thinks she's in high school. That is so totally me. I bet it's each one of you too. I still think the music I listen to is cool and wonder why my 2o-something sister just laughs at me. I still think I should be carded when I buy beer at Sam's and then they don't even glance at me. I tell myself it must be the toddler in the cart. Anyone old enough to have a toddler is old enough to buy beer, right? Ha!

Remember when we all wanted to look older? It was a compliment if someone thought you looked 21 when you were just 18. Now all I want to do is go ninja on the cashier and take issue that she didn't ask to see my I.D.

Another sign that we are "growing up"? I get really irritated at the foolishness of others on the road. Don't they know they are endangering the lives of everyone around them? And then I remember that as a 20-something year old, I had my license revoked because of the sheer number of speedin' tickets I had. How quickly we forget what it was like to be young, even though we like to pretend we still are :).

All I'm asking is that someone stop me from aging before I utter that phrase, "In my day..."

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~Amanda~ said...

I do too..feel like I am still so young when in reality I will be 32 this year! I'm headed towards 40 quickly! I hope you don't mind but I added you to my "friends blogs". Hope you guys have a great day!