Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm mad...

'cuz the "kid" across the street is playing his bass in his car so loud that my windows are rattling and I can feel it in my chair. And it's naptime! Normally I wouldn't have much of a problem trotting myself over and asking politely if they could refrain from playing their music so loud that I can hear it in my house. However, this family is frequently screaming at each other in the front yard (again, so loud that I can hear it in my house) and using such atrocious language that I have to bring my impressionable, learning to speak toddler indoors. You try explaining to an 18 month old that she can't play in her pool because you'd rather her not use the F-bomb in the church nursery. I think I counted at least 10 last week before I gave up singing so loud I was hoarse and just came inside.

So, yea, I'm a little chicken about asking my neighbor to be neighborly because I am in a wedding this weekend and would rather not be sporting a shiner. I'm not kidding, folks. I really think the mom would try to open a can of you-know-what and I am not much of a match for a 200 pound woman who doesn't seem afraid to fight dirty", if you catch my drift. I could probably outrun her , though. But there is more of them than there is of me and I'd rather not take my chances.

So, here I sit in a house I own(!), praying that Emory won't wake up early and I can get my budget finished. God is bigger than the booty bass, right?

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