Friday, July 4, 2008

G-I-N spells "relief"...

Our daddy has a job that starts late in the morning, which can be nice, but then ends late, which is not so nice. And by late, I mean his usual come home time is 6:30. To me, that is late when you are entertaining a toddler who is ready for dinner and is tired of her momma's company. Daddies just break up the monotony, ya know? Emory and I usually sojourn outside to the swing with her watching the birds and me pushing her with my eyes kind of glazed over. You know what I'm talking about. I usually begin cursing the veterinary world at about 5:30, so that last hour is a long one.

Yesterdy I decided to instill happy hour at our house during that last hour. It's after 5:00, so I can imbibe without guilt. Emory gets a special drink too (lemonade minus the vodka)and we sit on a blanket outside and wait for daddy to get home. He comes home to much happier girls this way.

I found a great gin and tonic recipe online yesterday. I think what makes it better than others I've had is the half lime you put in.

Here it is (I call is Sprite with a kick):

2 oz. gin
5 oz. tonic water
1/2 lime
lots of ice

Put enough ice cubes in your glass to reach almost to the top of the glass. Measure and pour your gin in, then squirt in your lime. Go ahead and toss in that rind for added flavor. Add tonic and ENJOY! I refrigerate my tonic water and I think it adds a crisp flavor for the tonic water to already be cold, and it doesn't melt the ice as much so you get ALL the benefits of your gin.

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e.c. said...

I have LOVED Gin and Tonics since Mara first introduced them to me almost five years ago at the Auburn/Miss. State game. Before that, my mixed drink of choice(b/c I am also soo a beer girl too :)) was an amoretto sour...they are usually just too sweet for me now, but I love the cool refreshing taste of the gin and tonic, and yes, refrigeration is a must, as is the lime! I am not indulging now(obviously), but look forward to the fall!