Saturday, July 19, 2008

Talking up a storm...

I am loving this new stage of speech development we've encountered. Emory is using pronouns now and it is constant fodder for blog posts around here. I'm sure not all of you will enjoy this as much as we do, but I'm going to torture you anyways... Recently from the mouth of MY babe:

(Riding in the car today)
Emory: "I need a (something unintelligible)"
Mommy: "You need a what?"
Emory: "I need a (something unintelligible)"
Mommy: "You need a what?"
Emory: "I need a what."

Close to our house there is a pizza establishment that sells $5 pizzas to go (most of you know what I am referencing, but no free advertisements here). Their chosen format of advertising is an older gentlemen who sits in his wheelchair with an umbrella for shade, on a busy street corner, with a sign for afore-mentioned pizza.
Again, in the car this morning:

Emory: "He's on a ladder."
Mommy: "No, he's in a wheel chair. Look, he's got an umbrella!"
Emory: "Isn't that something?!"

We have a "Go to the Ant" CD by Judy Rogers that we listen to in the car, FREQUENTLY! I shouldn't complain, but one can actually get tired of hearing "I will sing unto the Lord" when you've played it over and over and over again. But I digress... the cover song, "Go to the Ant" has a line that goes, "Go to the ant, O sluggard". Emory's interpretation? (Sung absentmindedly, while digging in the dirt at the park) "Go to the ant, o spider."

Other phrases I'm loving right now?

"Hold you, mommy" means "pick me up"
"Eatmo" for "oatmeal"
"Beeca" for "banana"

And a phrase I must use frequently? Emory has begun telling me that she'll do something I've asked of her, "In a couple of minutes, ok?" I must put her off more than I realize.

Alright now, come on and play. What cutesy things do (or did) your kids say in their toddler years?

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Philip and Renie said...

Well you know the explicative Philip uses for "kiss" but this is a family friendly blog. He loves "aminaminals" and the "pow" jumped over the moon. He used to call himself Phoopot but last week suddenly started to say Philip the right way! Shocker - he has always been able to say Emory. That poor boy is bound for a broken heart!