Monday, July 14, 2008

just a blurb...

To let you know about a great video we've discovered here at the Skocelai house. This past week at the library, little E picked out "Miss Spider's Bug-a-Boo" and I have to admit that I've quite enjoyed it. You may be familiar with Miss Spider's Tea Party and other books like it. There is a whole series. Apparently, she is now a Mrs. and has a ton of kids... most spiders do, don't they? What I love about it is that the kids are always kind, never selfish, they champion each other and celebrate their siblings accomplishments, and are even receptive to their parent's correction. The kids have never disregarded what their parents say and the parents don't generally allow the kids to get away with faulty thinking for long.

I am not a big believer in watching TV to learn something, but there are definately cartoons we don't watch because of the terrible attitudes of the main characters. Two such cartoons not allowed at out house are Caillou and Arthur. The siblings are always fighting and being unkind to each other, they are always seeking to get away with stuff behind their parent's backs, and they always disregard the parent's counsel. Not exactly the attitudes I like to hear flowing through our home.

Sooo, if you are all Barney-ed out and need a safe alternative, you can trust Miss Spider and her gang. And, you get treated to cute little terms like "every-buggy" in place of "everybody". It don't get much better than that!

P.S. Turns out that there is a daily cartoon on Nick Jr.'s Noggin. If you are one of the lucky folks with cable TV :) then you can take advantage of this great show at home each day.

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Suzanne and Chris Jones said...

Hey!! My kids are loving ms. spider right now too. We are doing a reading club and get her books and the dvd's are really, really good. I love how they treat each other as well. Great to read your blog. I love blogs!!