Wednesday, July 23, 2008


has become quite a topic at our house. Emory is increasingly interested in bodily functions, hers or anyone else's. If I make a mention that I need to stop off and use the potty, she darts with me asking, "Go potty, mommy?" She has made us aware of her need to "poop" for quite a while, but she talks about it non-stop now (or at least that's how it feels). We never discuss tee-tee though, leading me to believe that in keeping with Steffler tradition she will do this thing backwards and get poo-poo trained long before she is tee-tee trained.

Now, I am not in a rush to get this kid potty trained. I, for one, do not mind changing diapers. It has NEVER bothered me. This is perhaps my area of selfishness and sloth. I simply don't feel like fooling with taking a toddler to the potty every 20 minutes yet. It's not like she's asking to go. I have tried to feel out how interested she is and ask her if she wants to go potty instead of using her diaper when she's informed me that she feels a movement pending. She answers with and emphatic, "NO!". So, I figure, to push toilet training now would only scar her. At least that's how I pacify the guilt that creeps up every now and then that I'm not even remotely interested in doing this even if she is.

But, like I said, an obsession seems to be forming so we may not be far from the reality. Tonight we were reading a book we checked out from the library and it has a picture of a chicken sitting on an egg. I asked Emory, "What's that chicken sitting on?" Her answer? "POOP!" I thought it was supposed to be boys who were this obsessed with potty humor?!

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