Friday, March 26, 2010

10 housekeeping tips...

1.) I will do a minimum of 12 loads of laundry each week.

2.) You don't really get more laid back with each kid, you just can't keep up with the housework any more. Something has to be let go, and it can't be caring for the beings that require oxygen and have a soul.

3.) No matter how many undershirts I buy the man, Eric will always run out of clean ones long before I have the chance to do a load of whites.

4.) The soap scum created by weeks of neglecting to clean the bathroom is necessary for my children's safety. It provides the traction they need to keep from falling in the tub.

5.) Any time we all really enjoy a meal, there are just not enough leftovers. Anytime I cook something that will not be added to the rotation, we are left eating it for a week.

6.) The addition of a dishwasher and a laundry room really have made my life so much easier.

7.) It is not uncommon to sweep around the spoon that somehow made it's way back to Ethan's room. I swept yesterday and the spoon is still there.

8.) I will find dirty socks in the most random of places. The most recent discovery was in Ethan's burp cloth basket. The one with clean burp cloths.

9.) Whenver I hazard to sweep the floors, it will rain and everyone will track in wet leaves, Emory will pretend to be the cookie monster and spread the love in the living room, or Gabby will begin to lose her winter coat.

10.) I prefer to look at the splatter mark (from when Emory fell holding an open smoothie cup) on the wall rather than bend down to wipe it up and discover that the baseboards need to be cleaned.

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