Monday, March 15, 2010

here comes Peter Cottontail...

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on it's way! And, boy, are we ever ready. There are matching Easter bunny outfits for the kids - each sporting a real cotton tail! - and the goods for the baskets have been purchased. Last night I decorated the kids' doors with dye-cut Easter eggs for them to discover this morning. Gabby already seems to approve, as I rescued one from her at 2am. (She has a wierd paper fetish.) Ethan doesn't yet have his egg hunt basket, but he will as soon as I get to shop at Kid's Market. I'm hoping for a frog or a duck. Emory has a ladybug, so I think a frog for Ethan would be most fitting. But, as with any consignment sale, I am happy to get whatever I can since I'm not paying full price for it!

Eric has already signed the kids up for an egg hunt, and I'm busy researching to find another one we can do as a family. Plans for lunch are underway, and I'm excited to whoop it up and celebrate this "season" as hard as we do Christmas. After all, what good is the birth of Christ without His death and resurrection? If He'd come, but never sacrificed Himself, we'd still be lost and without hope. So, whoop it up! This holiday is just as big as the one we get the tree out of the attic for!

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