Friday, March 26, 2010

10 truths....

1.) Cartoons are my best friend. They enable me to get a shower, put the finishing touches on supper, or clean the kitchen without listening to any whining - from either kid.

2.) Emory's brain has really seemed to take off! This past week she almost seems like a different kid. We're communicating differently (better), she finished an art project with minimal instruction, and she's not taking the word "No" quite as personally.

3.) Forget the cream filled kind, these Cadbury eggs are the best!

4.) I had forgotten how much I love to run. I've recently hit the sweet spot. The number of miles that I consider my "base" for a run. Once I have reached this spot, I can run for literally forever and get faster with each mile above my base.

5.) It has been far too long since I've been out with my husband. Without the children.

6.) If the family is sick for a week, it takes a week to get back to normal.

7.) Mama's lap is magical. Neither kid is content to be beside me on the floor when we play. Oh no, as long as they are directly in front of me, my legs can even be on either side of them, they are content.

8.) With each pregnancy, my taste buds have shifted a bit. Currently, I am choking my family with the amount of pepper I add when I cook, and I am on a serious hunt for a good chocolate cherry ice cream. Blue Bell stopped making theirs. My pregnancy with Emory addicted me to ice cream, and Ethan is to blame for changing my allegiance from Diet Coke to Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. Do you see a trend?

9.) Emory will do anything I ask as long as I tell her that we are playing Cinderella and I am the wicked stepmother. Evil, I know.

10.) I've found that if I am playing music in the home, we are all a lot more cheerful, patient, and considerate of each other.

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filiagratiae said...

5. We can fix that.
8. Mayfield makes some. :)