Sunday, March 14, 2010

out of 'da loop, man....

So, it's not a little known fact that we here at the Skocelai household are slow to warm up to most technological advances. We didn't have internet until 2008. Eric only recently got a cell phone last summer because I was pregnant with his second child and nervous that I would need him to help me with our first child if I went into labor unexpectedly. We only have cable because we are getting it for free. Something Charter offered us to make peace with a woman who had had a baby 4 days prior to them royally messing up an order we had placed for new phone service. And, we only get it free for a year. Since Ethan was 7 months old yesterday, that year is coming to close shortly.

So, you can imagine my confusion when I was trying to offer directions to my house to a friend recently and she stopped me short with, "That's okay, I have a Garmin." Since I was sure that Gremlins weren't supposed to be exposed to sunlight, I failed to see how hers was going to help her get to my house mid-day Friday. Seriously, I'm just now getting good with Mapquest here. We get excited that we can now download webpages faster than we used to be able to, but I still can't talk on the phone and be on the internet at the same time. Well gotta run. I've got an Emory.

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