Saturday, March 20, 2010


As we live it seems pretty dull, I'm sure, to an outsider. But to the Skocelai, it is hoppin'! We've had the flu. The REAL flu. Emory started with a high fever last Friday, I fell prey on Monday, and Ethan took his turn starting Thursday. The kids had it far worse than I did, thankfully, since we all know Momma's don't get sick days. I even cooked dinner on the day I was the worst. It wasn't so bad. But I will say, we've been enjoying the BBQ Boston butt, mac/cheese, and coleslaw for days now. Dearest even went as far to say that it was as good as something we could have picked up. I'm not sure about that, he's known for being nice, but I'm glad he liked it. It was a stupid easy meal to prepare. Rub the butt down with some seasoning salt and garlic, throw it in the crock pot, add a little water, and let it go all day 'til it falls off the bone. The secret is in the sauce (from none other than Memphis, of course!). Coleslaw was the same. Secret was in the Marzetti's original slaw sauce. Mac/cheese from the freezer and we had one awesome meal.

Tonight I'm gonna use my girly powers to talk my Beloved into grillin' us some wicked sirloin burgers. It's warm outside, so we might even haul out the card table and chairs, drag the high chair outside, and enjoy a meal with nature. We've had George Goes Camping from the library for the last week, and it's planted ideas in the girl's head. So, we'll be off to Publix soon to pick up some Marshmallow's to roast on the grill. She is completely stoked about picking out a stick to use. What fun we'll have!

Yesterday, amid alternating doses of Tylenol, Tamiflu, and Motrin, we took the sick boy outside for some vitamin D and set him up with a blanket and my keys while Emory and I raced prickly gumballs down our driveway, climbed crepe myrtles, and drew with sidewalk chalk. I'm thinking the Easter bunny needs to bring some bubbles when he comes. That's all that was missing on a perfect spring day. And it's about time we had one! Talk about a pathetic spring break week. Between everyone being sick and the weather being cold and rainy, this week has stunk. Almost as bad as the spring break week Eric and I were engaged and I had walking pnuemonia. I didn't even have cable then so I watched School of Rock, that I'd had on loan from Netflix for like 6 months, over and over again.

Emory and I indulged in some crafty time while Ethan was napping yesterday morning. When our daddy came home for lunch he was greeted with a cheerfully decorated front door. We cut egg shapes out of contact paper, attached colorful scraps of tissue paper, shredded some green tissue for grass, and stuck everything to the glass front door. I'm still debating whether or not to go to the trouble of cutting out letters to include a "Happy Easter" message. I might leave that up to Emory.

Since Ethan seemed to feeling better yesterday afternoon, we even headed off to our neighborhood park for playtime with Emory's BFF from preschool who also lives in our neighnorhood. Currently, Emory is wearing a spring dress whose previous owner was Emory's BFF from church. Life is good sometimes! As soon as the boy wakes up we're headed to the zoo. Big girl has asked that we picnic there, and I am all too happy to comply with that request.

Daddy is working, but he'll be home sometime between noon and one, so I'll get some much needed gym time. Woo hoo! I might even run an extra 10 minutes so I can indulge in a brewsky with dinner tonight. YUM!

Happy Spring!

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