Wednesday, March 24, 2010

just a few photos...

of the most darlin' kiddos you've ever laid eyes on!

This is the best G-rated picture of the kids in the tub together we could get. Emory is looking at me nervously because I had just fussed at her for having a bad attitude about getting her picture made. I imagine she's thinking, "How's this Mom? Now am I good enough to please you?" I'm sure this will be included in her dossier for therapy one day.

Why she chooses to play in the Bumbo, I'll never know, but notice how much room she has for growth in there. Ethan has to be pried out with a crowbar.

The boy loves to jump!

Those eyes melt my heart! Never mind the rash on his face that is probably related to some food I'm feeding him. I have no idea what, since I've never abided by the "4 day wait" rule.

This is what we call Ethan's "toy massacre". He will empty this basket, not really playing with anything, and then proceed to show tha basket who's boss. He throws it around like a basketball.

Emory's new favorite past-time: washing dishes after a meal. She rinses everything while I clear the table and load the rinsed dishes in the dishawasher. She's really very, very good. I've even come out of Ethan's room from laying him down for a nap to see her finished with everything but loading the dishes and happily drawing at her art table. I'm liking this!

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